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Phillips and Temro APU keeps you cool

Posted: September 13, 2018

Phillips & Temro Industries’ new Idle Free Series 5000 eAPU is a high-capacity-cooling electric auxiliary power unit for those who are traveling in hot climates.

A compressor and wall-mounted evaporator combine to deliver more than 300 cfm of air, and can maintain an average in-cab temperatures at 20 C when ambient temperatures are around 38 C.

During tests in an 80-inch sleeper with R2 insulation, the interior was cooled to 23 C in less than five minutes when ambient temperatures hovered around 35 C.

The system also features proprietary Automatic Start-Stop technology that starts the engine when the APU batteries need to be charged.

The combined compressor and condenser unit mounts to the back of the cab, preserving space on the frame rail and under the bunk.


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