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Phillips connections improved

Posted: September 10, 2019

Phillips connections

Phillips Industries premium 3-In-1 and 4-In-1 electrical and air combination assemblies with QCP trailer side connections have been improved to reduce fatigue and strain on the plug and seven-way electrical cable.

The trailer side lead on the seven-way electrical cable now extends out an additional six inches, and the spiral wrap on the same side is reduced by six inches, creating more slack on the seven-way cable.  This change relieves strain placed on the cable lead and coupled seven-way electrical connection due to pull from the weight of the combination assembly experienced on some trailer applications.

With this latest product improvement, the rubber air hoses will now act as a shock absorber versus the electrical cable that should not be stretched or stressed.  Also, the gladhand connections better support additional assembly pull-weight with a metal to metal connection.  Additionally, the extended length allows for more rotation in the lines during a severe jack-knife.

Phillips premium 3-In-1 and 4-In-1 combination assemblies with QCP or STA-DRY QCMS2/QCP seven-way electrical connectors provide an all-in-one electrical and air system designed for cable protection and corrosion prevention.


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