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Phillips dual-pole connections to fight corrosion

Posted: May 13, 2019

Phillips Industries is fighting corrosion in dual pole applications like liftgate systems by unveiling the new Dual Pole QCS2 Quick-Change Socket.

Features include a dual-pole harness boot, molded to the liftgate harness cable, which grips the socket and holds it in place. The socket itself has a non-corrosive housing and sealed inner cavity to block moisture and contaminants from reaching the plug and socket union.

Compared to corrosion in a seven-way connector, the damage in a dual-pole application can require a larger amperage draw, which further increases the chemical reactions. Such corrosion can also “choke” liftgate charging efforts or even lead to a potential thermal event, Phillips says.

The corrosion-fighting features are the same as those adopted in the Phillips QCS2 seven-way connectors, unveiled as fleets began to report challenges with harsh de-icing compounds on highways.

There are also offset pins to prevent accidental arcing. The longer negative pin and shorter “hot” pin keeps the connection grounded before power is circulated on the positive pin – avoiding the potential for any sparks.

The Dual Pole QCS2 is currently available for dual pole connections on the tractor side, with the boot in a 6:00 position in two- and four-gauge options.



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