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Phillips EZTrac makes it easy to track

Posted: September 10, 2019

Phillips Connect Technologies‘ new EZTrac and EZTrac Plus are being unveiled with the promise of “no-hassle asset tracking solutions” with a minimal install time, giving fleets a way to view a trailer or chassis in real time.

EZTrac plugs into a standard ABS harness and can be powered by either the auxiliary (ABS) or brake circuit, and activates in two steps. The concealed unit is protected by an IP67 weatherproof enclosure and an embedded Sta-Dry harness.

The EZTrac Plus builds on that, transmitting trailer or chassis locations with or without power thanks to a six-month rechargeable internal battery. Further connections are available with optional Bluetooth or PCT-branded “smart harness”.

The tracking itself is over a 4G cellular LTE network.


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