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Posted: August 1, 2014

We’re not in the habit of featuring mobile phones here, but Motorola’s new DEFY is an Android-powered device with a couple of key features that might appeal to truck drivers. One, it’s said to be more robust than others and better able to resist impact and scratch damage. It’s dust-proof and water-resistant. Perhaps more importantly, it has something called CrystalTalk Plus with new microphones that filter noise better and allow the user to hear and be heard more easily in sometimes noisy environments like a truck cab.

Other features include a crisp 3.7-in. WVGA screen that stretches from edge to edge for an optimized Web experience. Pinch to zoom allows for advanced browsing and navigation while Adobe Flash Lite-enabled browser allows you access to more content-rich sites than the standard Web browser. The DEFY also features Swype text input for even easier texting, Motorola claims, using one continuous finger motion. The device also features a full suite of Google services including Google Search, Google Maps, Google Maps with Navigation and Gmail.

Multimedia extras include a 5-megapixel camera with video capture and playback. There’s also an FM radio receiver.

While you may lose your phone, Motorola says you won’t lose the contacts and data that keep you connected thanks to the ‘MotoBlur’ secure server, fully integrated GPS tracking, and remote data wipe. Contacts, login information, home screen customizations and e-mails are backed up and easily restored on your next Motorola phone.

The DEFY is presently available for $79.99 on a three-year term at Telus.

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