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Posted: August 1, 2014

AeroFlex Composite side skirts

Freight Wing has announced a new trailer side skirt, the AeroFlex Composite, which is said to have been SAE/TMC tested to improve fuel economy by up to 7.45%. The skirts are SmartWay-verified.

Made of a pliable composite material, and braced with flexible mounting rods, the new side skirts provide a clean, smooth appearance while maintaining a flat panel shape, the company says.

Other Freight Wing side skirts include the AeroFlex DMP (formerly called the AeroFlex 2012), which is constructed of heavy-duty dense matrix polyethylene (DMP). The new composite model is of the same geometry as the DMP and gets the same fuel economy benefits – it’s just constructed differently. Customers can expect an ROI in as little as 50,000 miles of trailer use, the company claims.

The DMP model can take a lot of abuse, says Freight Wing, but with new innovations in composite material the AeroFlex Composite is especially able to bend from impacts such as bottoming out at loading docks. The two skirts each have the ability to improve fuel economy by 4 to 6% in real-world applications, the company says.

Weighing in at 170 lb, the three-piece AeroFlex Composite side skirts feature an easy-to-install pressure-responsive mounting system.


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