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Portable axle-load scale

Posted: January 4, 2017

Fairbanks Scales has released its Portable Axle Load Scale (PALS), said to be a cost-effective solution to the challenge of getting accurate, non-commercial vehicle axle weights.

The scale eliminates the need for a pier or slab foundation. It’s constructed in a sub-frame, requiring only a flat, unyielding surface to install and complete the unit. This makes it possible to install PALS on concrete or asphalt already in place. With single-day installation, a change in process, traffic flow, or location is easily accommodated.

PALS is fabricated using extruded structural-steel members, with scale ramps constructed to the same standards as the weighbridge. Ramps come standard in a full-width design that accommodates wheelbases for most highway vehicles. Each of the four stainless-steel load cells is designed to handle extra-heavy loads, with a capacity of 50,000 lb. The cells are aligned through factory installation, eliminating potential weighing errors.

The scale operates in a wide range of applications from moving and shipping to light manufacturing. It is built with anticipated daily weighments of 50 trucks or fewer and has an ultra-low 6-inch profile.


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