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Portable fueling station

Posted: February 6, 2018

Western Global introduces the Fuel Island, a self-contained, moveable fuel station with remote monitoring technology.

Western Global’s new Fuel Island offers a portable fueling station for those who pump diesel in their own yards.

Unlike a conventional island that is built on site, these units arrive ready to use, and can be configured in or out of a cabinet. Cloud-based remote monitoring equipment keeps a watchful eye over consumed fuel.

Each pre-assembled package includes a fuel tank on a skid mount, dispensing equipment, fuel inventory monitoring system, cardlock equipment, electric panel, and all the related plumbing and wiring. The TransTank P-Series of double-walled tanks – with available capacities that range from 11,828 to 67,119 liters – are built to contain spills, while a lockable cabinet offers extra security.

Routine maintenance is supported with an access manway on top, as well as a built-in ladder.




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