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PPG unveils Delfleet One paint system

Posted: July 8, 2019

PPG Delfleet One

PPG’s Delfleet One paint family for commercial vehicles.

PPG’s new Delfleet One paint system is designed with commercial vehicles in mind, and it delivers environmental benefits as well.

Offerings within the lineup include undercoats, topcoats, and clear coats, and they produce 57% fewer VOC emissions when compared to traditional paint systems.

Finishes include aluminum and pear pigments to support direct gloss, base coat, and matte colors. Each generates 1.5 pounds of VOC per U.S. gallon, while clear coats and primers reach 2 pounds or less.

There are 42 toners, four binders, and four paint additives overall.

The system uses the Delfleet One Tint Guide and One Color Deck, including thousands of OEM color chips. Color matching is available through PPG tools including Rapidmatch XI spectrophotometer, Touchmix XI computer, and Paintmanager XI software.



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