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ProStar®: Engineered from the Ground Up

Posted: August 1, 2014

Want a more functional interior? Check. Looking for industry-leading aerodynamics? Check. How about a hassle-free emissions solution? Check. All three come standard with your new fuel-effcient ProStar+.

All of the advances and features we’ve introduced are designed to keep you on the road, and in the black.  Mile after mile. Day after day. Year after year.  The result: The most innovative and most advanced heavy-duty truck on the road today. A truck that will keep your business running at its best.

Five reasons for you to chose International’s ProStar+:

  • Fully Capable 13L Power
  • Proven Weight Advantage
  • Fuel Economy Leader
  • No Hassle Emissions Solution
  • Highest Rated Dealer Service


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