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PSI unveils tractor tire pressure monitor

Posted: March 25, 2019

Pressure Systems International (PSI) is adding a tire pressure monitoring system to its platform, giving it the ability to measure tractor tire pressures, temperatures, and eventually wheel-end temperatures.

The new offering can be coupled with PSI’s existing automatic tire inflation system for trailers. TireView also provides a platform to add additional sensors. PSI currently has a prototype sensor in development that will measure wheel-end temperatures.

The TireView offering stems from the acquisition of TST, a supplier of tire pressure monitoring systems that caught PSI’s attention because of the reliability of the data it generated, the company says.

Multiple sensor types are available, and each offer certain features and benefits. Another key feature is the ability for the TireView system to be integrated with existing third-party telematics platforms.

The battery is designed to last three to five years and the system comes with a two-year warranty.



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