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Rand McNally tablet offers 6th-generation navigation

Posted: December 17, 2019

Rand McNally’s new TND Tablet 85 is bringing new navigation software to the dashboard, and marks the 6th generation of its truck navigation devices.

The proprietary Rand Navigation 2.0 software features truck routing, crowd-sourced reviews, and new visual cues such as 3D cities and landmarks. It’s also said to improve usability, truck routing, traffic avoidance, and access to features such as weather overlays.

The TND Tablet 85 itself includes a hexacore processor and a customized operating system. Other features include a directional dash cam that can look straight out the windshield while the tablet faces the driver.

The unit also connects with live traffic, fuel prices, weather conditions, and rated points of interest. The weather data alone delivers details about precipitation intensity, temperature and wind speed, displayed atop the navigation map.

Enhanced driver support tools cover mileage and fuel logs, and can be used to create “bread crumb” routes. An on-board DriverConnect app also makes the device ELD-ready.

It all secures in place with a magnetic mount, but the tablet can still be disengaged with a twist.


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