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Readers express confidence in truck safety tech

Posted: February 13, 2019

TORONTO, Ont. – Surveyed members of Canada’s trucking industry are confident that emerging technology will make trucks safer than they are today – but lean toward thinking that differences are more likely to be realized in select situations than across the board.

In the monthly Pulse Survey of Today’s Trucking readers, 51% said emerging technologies will make trucks safer than they are today in some situations, while 36% expressed outright confidence that the equipment will make trucks safer.

Thirty-four percent expect to see the widespread use of Level 4 automation – trucks that essentially drive themselves – in 11 to 20 years. In contrast, 24% expect it to take more than 21 years, and 21% don’t believe it will ever be commonplace.

When presented with a list of emerging automated tools, 69% said they would like to see adaptive cruise control equipped in every truck. Lane keeping assistance and automated steering corrections ranked second at 62% of respondents, followed by 60% who would like to see automated high beams and dimming lights in every truck. Just over half (54%) would like every truck to have emergency braking support when approaching vehicles, while 49% would like that support when trucks are approaching pedestrians.

Asked which areas of a truck should be monitored by technology, 85% said the side of vehicle and blind spots, while 73% said the front of the vehicle and 68% said the rear. Just 26% would opt for driver-facing cameras.

Looking at future energy sources, 36% expect the widespread use of electric trucks in six to 10 years, almost equal to the 33% who expect widespread electrification in 11 to 20 years.

Today’s Trucking conducts Pulse surveys once per month, covering a variety of industry issues.


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