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Posted: August 1, 2014

PowerRush batteries, a new line of 12-volt batteries engineered for the demanding requirements of transport refrigeration units, are now available from Carrier Transicold dealers.

Offered in partnership with Interstate Battery System, they feature an 18-month free-replacement warranty. The batteries are available in three cold-cranking amp (CCA) capacities: the 950 and 750 CCA heavy-duty models and the 700 CCA high-cycle battery with specially engineered plate
stabilizers for extra cycle life.

All PowerRush batteries feature exceptional durability and vibration protection, Carrier says, to handle the frequent start-stop cycles and harsh temperature demands of refrigerated unit applications. The vibration protection includes epoxy-bonded plates to prevent movement, and the
ribbed housings are made of polypropylene along with bottom stone-guard protection. A computer-optimized end-wall design protects the plates inside.


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