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Posted: August 1, 2014

Carrier Transicold’s three data logging devices to monitor the condition of perishable products under refrigerated transport. By Sensitech, a wholly owned subsidiary of Carrier Corp., they are the TempTale4 ambient temperature monitors, TempTale4 temperature and humidity Monitors, and single-use Ryan EZT strip chart recorders. These battery-powered devices allow for temperature monitoring beyond the refrigerated travel timeframe, carriers says. They can travel with cargo from the point of origin to the final destination, providing greater peace of mind to a carrier or a customer that shipment and storage temperatures were
maintained within acceptable ranges.

The temperature and temperature/humidity monitors are each about the size of a cell phone and weigh less than two ounces. Featuring digital displays providing continuous readouts, they can be programmed to provide a visual indicator if time and temperature setpoints are exceeded. With Sensitech’s Interface Plus reader, data can be quickly and easily downloaded to a computer for analysis using the TempTale Manager Desktop software.

The Ryan EZT Strip Chart Recorder is an economical one-time-use device that provides temperature validation at the end of a trip. Housed in a plastic case measuring approximately 6.5-x-2.5-x-3.5 inches, the unit is adhesive-backed for mounting to a carton or pallet. At the destination, the receiver simply breaks the tamper-proof seal, opens the monitor and removes the paper graphic recording of in-transit temperature conditions. In the event of a claims dispute, Sensitech backs the Ryan EZT device with free expert testimony regarding its operation, validation and quality.


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