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Regional tire comes with confidence guarantee

Posted: June 27, 2017

Michelin has unveiled a new drive tire for urban and regional fleets – the X Multi D – that comes complete with a new “confidence guarantee”.

Designed for operations that typically run routes of less than 650 kilometers, the new offering promises to boost removal mileage by 65% when compared to the XDE M/S that it replaces. Michelin also says that the X Multi D’s traction can help a truck reach road speeds 80% faster than tires from a leading competitor.

Promoted features include a long-lasting tread, all-weather traction, scrub resistance, and a durable casing. The threat of scrub-related damage is tackled with a co-extruded rubber compound, while teardrop-shaped grooves at the bottom of the sipes are introduced to prevent torque-related cracks and heel-to-toe wear.

The company is so confident in the X Multi D that it promises to refund the difference in price over a competing premium tire if the product fails to meet expectations for mileage, traction, or driver satisfaction.

The design’s sipes and grooves play a role in extending the life of the 28/32″ tread. “Full-depth matrix siping” turns into ever-wider grooves as the tire wears, helping to retain biting edges and traction throughout the tire’s service life.

The casing, meanwhile, is protected through a cooler-running rubber compound at the belt package and a sidewall that’s treated to resist ozone-related damage. And a protector ply across the width of the tire helps to protect against penetration-related damage.

The X Multi D will initially be released as an 11R22.5 with a load range of G or H, and an 11R24.5 with a load range of H. A 275/80R22.5 Load Range G comes in September, and two other sizes come next year. There are also plans to release a related retread.


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