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Posted: August 1, 2014

A remote air-brake diagnostic and monitoring solution for both trucks and trailers has been jointly developed by Spectra Inc. of Toronto and BSM Technologies Inc. of nearby Woodbridge, Ont. The system is based on Spectra’s proven brake-sensor technology, coupled with the remote monitoring function of BSM Wireless’ vehicle tracking and fleet-management solutions.

Spectra CEO Andy Malion call its a “quantum leap” in preventive brake maintenance.

The system will ensure that brake problems, including adjustment issues, are reported to the maintenance shop in real time, which is no small advantage. In addition to monitoring through Spectra’s Brake Inspector in-cab display module, the BSM interface will send an e-mail alert in real time to the fleet maintenance department as well as to the driver.

“The ability to identify a brake problem remotely, anywhere in North America, will allow maintenance personnel to direct the driver to the nearest repair facility and avoid costly roadside fines, reduce vehicle downtime and mitigate potential accidents”, says Malion.

The first implementation of this new system will be for TFX International, a specialized vehicle transporter based in Toronto.


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