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Posted: February 15, 2017

The Retract-A-Roll 3 system from Ancra International is called “state of the art” in pneumatic roller track systems, bringing aircraft technology to freight trailers. It’s easy to operate and maintain, the company says, and with the improved design loading and unloading is quicker.

These pneumatic roller track systems are powered by the pneumatics from a truck’s existing air supply, said to be built to take the abuse of forklifts and instantly convert back to a flat floor for general freight. All Retract-A-Roll systems are manufactured with a safety interlock — if the operator forgets to lower the rollers, a backup safety control value automatically lowers them when the vehicles brakes are released, keeping the load secure while in transit.

The controls are centralized in an easy-to-access, weatherproof container and are easily operated with: one value to raise and lower, a factory preset pressure regulator, a liquid-filled pressure gauge, an auxiliary air input, and track isolation valves.

Retract-A-Roll 3 advantages include a heavy-duty top plate with a dual skate wheel design. The high-strength, 11-gauge stamped-steel top plate has a galvanized finish to fight corrosion. The air bags use larger diameter air lines, meaning they offer fast deflation.


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