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Rotary Lift expands mobile lineup

Posted: December 19, 2018

The Rotary Flex Max is a wireless mobile column lift that can be operated by a remote or using controls found on every column.

Available in two, four, six, and eight columns, it has lifting capacities of 14,000 or 18,800 lb. per column.

The Flex remote control guides technicians through setup activities, and eliminates the need to stay at each column while it’s being sync’d. Flex and Flex Max units are battery operated and include an onboard charger, eliminating related cords in the service bay. Software updates can be completed without cords, keys, chips, or even opening the lift panel.

The system’s LockLight also notes whether a lift is resting on its mechanical load-holding locks. If a vehicle is lifted and the locks are engaged, a green light illuminates on top of the column.

Other features include adjustable forks, a protected hydraulic cylinder, automatic spring-loaded braking system with integrated steering, and a lower-to-locks button.



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