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Rotella Nitrite-Free Coolant

Posted: February 18, 2015

Shell Lubricants has introduced Shell Rotella Extended Life Coolant – Nitrite Free (ELC NF), companion to the company’s Ultra ELC product.

The new coolant was formulated to meet the more severe operational conditions of modern, hot-running engines, Shell says, especially those with exhaust gas recirculation.

ELC-NF coolant is said to provide improved protection of aluminum components, including modern brazed-aluminum heat exchangers, and it meets many of the newest OEM specifications. It can also be used in fleets that include passenger cars and light-duty trucks.

Shell says the coolant is proven for extended-life operation in medium- and heavy-duty diesel, gasoline, and natural gas engines.

The coolant’s heat transfer ability is claimed to be superior to conventional coolants, and it’s also said to offer “excellent” cavitation (pitting) and related damage protection on cylinder liners. It can help extend the life of water pumps, radiators, and other cooling system components. 

Rotella ELC NF is compatible with other extended-life coolants. It needs no supplemental coolant additive (SCA) or extender for the life of the coolant.

These coolants are designed to go 600,000 on-highway miles (965,000 km) or 12,000 hours in commercial applications, and beyond that with proper monitoring, says Shell.

Shell Rotella ELC NF meets industry-required ASTM D3306, D4985 and D6210 and TMCRP 329 and RP 364 standards. 


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