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Rugged Android Tablet

Posted: August 1, 2014

Glacier’s Fusion 7 rugged tablet

The new Fusion 7 rugged Android tablet extends the Glacier Computer rugged product line of industrial PCs, tablets, portable hand-held devices, and fixed-mount data-collection computers. Such industrial computers are typically used in harsh industrial environments where a standard PC cannot survive. The Fusion 7 uses the Android OS.

It’s said to be compact, light, and feature-rich. It enables businesses and their mobile users to add efficiencies throughout the operation, says Glacier, while providing a capital asset with a significantly extended useful life and what’s claimed to be a superior ROI.

The Fusion 7 combines the power- and memory-management capabilities of Android enabling more than 1 million applications to run on the rugged Glacier device.

The industrial marketplace is finally ready to accept the changes needed to embrace the value of the Android platform, says Glacier.


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