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SAF-Holland releases lift axle, light retrofit

Posted: October 6, 2017

ATLANTA, GA – SAF-Holland has unveiled a new steerable lift axle, and a retrofit kit for its Elite electronic lock indicator for fifth wheels.

Product manager Jason Heath, revealing the Neway LSZ 20K auxiliary steerable lift axle suspension system, said the new axle is more compact and faster to lift than other models, while also offering improved ride and easy installation.

It’s designed for vocational applications, including: construction, refuse, concrete, towing, crane, logging, heavy haul, and oil and gas. Its 18.3-inch package is as much as eight inches shorter than comparable lift axles, Heath said. That frees up space on the frame rail and allows a shorter wheelbase configuration.

The SuperChamber lift device offers double the lift speed when compared to competitive offerings, Heath noted. The air springs are angled to improve tracking, stability, tire life, and more ground clearance.

The air tanks are mounted within the frame bracket, contributing to the compact design.

“This offers the best packaging space in the industry, the best performance, the best maintenance – if you’re in the market for a lift axle, the LSZ offers more for your money. It rides better, it tracks straighter, it’s easier to maintain,” Heath said.

It will be available in the fourth quarter of this year.

Tom Bronz, director of sales – aftermarket, announced the company’s Elite electronic lock indicator is now retrofittable. Compatible with the FW35 fifth wheel, the system warns drivers when the kingpin is not securely locked.

“The lights make it easy for drivers to positively confirm that they have coupled correctly, and warn

them if they have not. It’s a new generation of safety,” said Bronz. “The Elite fifth wheel coupling assistant helps drivers get it right.”

Bronz said installation takes a couple of hours and requires no special tools required.



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