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SAF-Holland SMAR-te Tire Pilot: Top 10 of 2019

Posted: December 17, 2019

The air within your tires is responsible for supporting the load above them, but what if one load is heavier than the next? SAF-Holland has come forward with a system that dynamically adjusts tire pressure based on the axle weight.

In other words, a tire on a loaded trailer could be run at 100 psi, and drop to 70 psi when the trailer is empty. By combining AKTV8’s electro-pneumatic controls and SAF’s Tire Pilot Plus wheel-ends, the system can:

  • inflate, deflate and equalize tire pressures;
  • optimize tire pressure based on axle loads to extend sidewall and tread life;
  • notify drivers about overweight loads;
  • and better cushion the vehicle and cargo, especially when equipment is lightly loaded.

There’s a promise of marginally better fuel economy, too.


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