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SAF-Holland system adjusts inflation to loads

Posted: November 4, 2019

SAF-Holland has announced an update to its tire management system, which brings dynamic inflation adjustments based on axle load.

A tire on a loaded trailer may be intended to run at 100 psi, but could perform better at 70 psi if the trailer is empty. The SMAR-te Tire Pilot has those tire manufacturer-recommended pressures uploaded to it and will keep the tires at precisely the optimum pressure for the weight they’re carrying.

The system can: inflate, deflate and equalize tire pressures; optimize tire pressure based on axle load to extend sidewall and tread life; provide “smart alerts”; weigh axle loads and notify the driver of overweight loads; improve the cushioning of the vehicle and cargo, especially when lightly loaded; improve fuel economy; and reduce tire and vehicle maintenance.

The SMAR-te Tire Pilot was created in partnership with AKTV8, combining that company’s electro-pneumatic controls with SAF’s Tire Pilot Plus wheel-ends.



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