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Set-Forward-Axle T880S

Posted: September 28, 2016

Kenworth now offers its T880 with a set-forward front axle configuration, calling it the T880S. It’s especially designed for ready-mix, dump, and mobile crane applications where every incremental pound of payload delivered contributes directly to the bottom line, and excellent maneuverability and visibility are valued.

Available with a 114-inch BBC and 28-inch bumper setting, Kenworth says tare weight is minimized, weight distribution is optimized, and body installations are enhanced.

Also offered are 29.5- and 31.5-inch bumper settings. Truck operators can specify the mixer tapered (114-inch BBC), dump tapered (115.5-inch BBC), or straight box bumpers (117.5-inch BBC) in a variety of finishes and materials. Removable and cast center-mounted tow hooks are available, depending on bumper selection.

The truck’s front axle rating goes from 14,600 to 22,800 lb. Single, tandem, or tridem drive axles and a wide variety of factory-installed lift axles are among a wide range of options. The T880 and T880S also provide clear back-of-cab options that make it easy to configure the truck body and make it easier for body upfitting.

This T880S is said to have excellent visibility, enhanced by a 3.6-inch lower hood crown than the legacy Kenworth W900S for up to 4 ft of additional ground visibility. The newly styled, complex-reflector halogen headlight provides projector-beam lighting performance without the extra cost, along with a thick, polycarbonate lens and UV inhibitor for long life.

The 5-piece hood is made of RTM, a lightweight high-tech material tougher and more durable than fiberglass. If damaged, the bolt-on fenders typically can be replaced in less than two hours. Also available are 2.5- and 4.5-inch-wide fender extensions that match specified front tire widths and help keep dirt off the side of the truck.

The T880 and T880S come standard with the 12.9-liter PACCAR MX-13 engine, which provides up to 500 hp and 1850 lb ft of torque. For weight-sensitive applications, the 10.8-liter PACCAR MX-11 engine saves 400 lb compared to a 13-liter engine and is said to bring low fuel consumption. The MX-11 can be spec’d with  up to 430 hp and 1550 lb ft of torque.


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