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Posted: August 1, 2014

Chevron’s Delo brand has added a new family member, Delo Heavy Duty EP grease. Formulated with Chevron ISOSYN base stocks, these greases are for heavy- to severe-duty on- and off-highway construction and maintenance vehicles — tri-axle dump trucks, cement mixers, overweight truck and trailer combinations, logging, heavy machinery haul trucks as well as a wide variety of other off-road applications from mining to agriculture.

Delo EP and Delo Heavy Duty EP greases are fully compatible, so there are no issues when switching between the two products.

The new greases are said to offer “outstanding” water washout and spray-off resistance properties in wet, off-road environments while offering shock-load extreme-pressure protection. These properties suit uses involving pins and bushings on equipment like dump beds, buckets, loaders, shovels and continuous crushers and conveyors.

Two versions of the new grease – Delo Heavy Duty Moly 3% EP and Delo Heavy Duty Moly 5% EP – are also available. They’ll work in a wide range of applications where 3% and 5% molybdenum content is required to meet OEM warranty requirements.

The new greases will be available across North American in the second quarter of 2008. All three versions come in one of two grades: NLGI 1 for better pumpability at lower ambient temperatures and NLGI 2 for use in normal temps.


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