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SmartDrive, Geotab hub combines video and telematics

Posted: October 31, 2018

SmartDrive and Geotab are collaborating in a system that will now combine video-based safety and transportation data and telematics – all through a single on-board data collection hub.

Described as “one box that powers it all”, the system offers third-party applications a clear understanding of time, location, and driver and vehicle performance. No longer do fleets need to manage multiple connections to the vehicle or the related costs of installations, maintenance, and training.

Combined the system includes the SmartDrive video safety program, SR3 or SR4 video hardware platform, SmartDrive SmartIQ analytics, Geotab tracking, Geotab regulatory compliance including hours of service, driver vehicle inspection reports, International Fuel Tax agreement (IFTA) recording, and tax reports.


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