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SmartWay-Verified Retread

Posted: August 1, 2014

Michelin’s X Line Energy D pre-mold tread

Michelin Retread Technologies says its new X Line Energy D Pre-Mold retread is SmartWay-verified. It’s a drive-axle tread for linehaul applications, said to  deliver “exceptional fuel economy with breakthrough levels of tread life and outstanding traction.” And it’s backed by a guarantee of 25% more mileage versus other SmartWay-verified drive retreads, the company says.

The new retread follows the August 2012 introduction of the X Line Energy D tire for highway applications and is the company’s first dual casing retread offering. Its ‘Michelin on Michelin’ designation signifies “a premium retread that utilizes Michelin’s most advanced designs and compounds,” only available for retreading on Michelin brand casings.

Michelin has 10 total SmartWay-verified retreads to be submitted by the third quarter of 2013.

The Dual Compound tread has a top layer of tread rubber that’s said to deliver enhanced wear resistance while the bottom layer incorporates a cool-running tread rubber that minimizes internal casing temperatures for low rolling resistance and extended casing life.
It’s the first Michelin linehaul Energy drive dual retread to use Michelin’s Matrix siping technology. The zigzag, grooved walls of the siping provide biting edges with interlocking action that are claimed to produce improved traction and even wear. The full-depth, teardrop siping feature extends late-life traction and improves tear resistance, the company says.


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