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Spec Drum or Air Disc Brakes

Posted: August 1, 2014

Meritor has introduced a universal knuckle for use with its non-drive front steer axles, giving global customers an easy way to spec either drum or air disc brakes. This comes as a result of what the company calls “a significant increase in acceptance of air disc brakes in North America.”

The redesign of the existing front steer axle with the universal knuckle will accommodate either brake type globally.

The universal-knuckle front steer axle has one service part instead of the previous two knuckles on each axle. Service parts are no longer dependent on brake types, which simplifies the inventory challenge.

The new component offers customers higher payload capacity, which increases productivity, and eliminates the need for a heavier and more expensive 13,200-lb axle, Meritor says.


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