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Speed limiters coasting west?

Posted: August 1, 2014

VANCOUVER — In a recent blog posted on the Vancouver Sun website, Paul Landry urges the B.C. government to consider speed limiter legislation in the province.

Landry, president and CEO of the B.C. Trucking Association, in the posting says truckers will save money and fuel, while improving safety and the resulting GHG emission reductions would also be a welcome bonus.

When the Canadian Trucking Alliance revealed its intention to have speed limiter use in heavy trucks mandated by legislation back in 2006, provincial associations across the country all backed the idea.

So far, only the governments of Ontario and Quebec have enacted legislation limiting truck speed in those provinces to 105 km/h.

Debate on the legislation was contentious right from the beginning, as drivers and owner-operator advocacy groups on both sides of the border seemed to be unanimously against the law, while many larger fleets backed the law with support from the provincial trucking associations.

As Landry points out in his blog, “While no statistics are available for Canada, over 60 percent of U.S. trucks are speed limited, including 77 percent of vehicles owned by larger companies. Other companies use other technologies to monitor vehicle speeds or set speed policies. Since the Canadian experience often mirrors what’s happening in the U.S., it would be safe to say that most trucking companies in North America are already limiting the speed of their vehicles.”

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