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Steerable Lift Axle

Posted: October 30, 2014

Watson & Chalin has introduced the SL13K-1190 Tru-Track lift axle with air disc brakes, a suspension that provides sufficient clearance for faster installation, proper torqued fasteners, and the ability to maintain track.

The SL 13K Series is the company’s most popular steerable model and incorporates its quick-change ride-height system. It’s said to be ideal for dump, mixer, refuse, and heavy-haul applications. Lightweight yet durable, says Watson & Chalin, the axle’s Super Short Rail version offers a more compact mounting design when space requirements become critical. All Tru-Track lift axles are backed by a five-year limited warranty.

The company notes that air disc brakes hold up better in extreme conditions, maintain stability, improve performance at cooler temperatures, reduce brake fade, and draw identical power from left and right brakes. Other benefits include easier brake pad changes, quicker adjustments, and greater downhill performance. They’re available with an optional dust shield.


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