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Steerable Lift Gets Air Discs

Posted: July 8, 2015

SAF-Holland has announced that the Bendix Bendix ADB22X air disc brake has been selected as an upcoming option on the Neway LSZ steerable lift axle suspension system.

The brake was selected because its unique two-pin floating caliper design is said to result in fewer components, requiring less maintenance. With an optimized friction and rotor pairing that enables longer service life for both components, the ADB22X brake minimizes the number of required maintenance inspections. In addition, changing the air disc brake pads takes less than half the time it typically takes to change drum linings.

The 13,500-lb Neway LSZ uses only 17.39 in. of frame-rail space ahead of the center of the tire which provides extra room for bigger fuel tanks, mounting batteries on the rails, and other components required to comply with regulations/bridge laws and a short wheelbase.

The ‘SuperChambers’ lift the axle in less than four seconds, hold the axle up with more than 12,000 lb of force preventing ‘axle bounce’, and are puncture-resistant.

The SuperChambers and the kingpin assembly’s spherical bearing design significantly reduce maintenance costs, the company says. 


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