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Stoughton 2017 upgrades, reefer to come

Posted: March 2, 2017

Stoughton has unveiled a series of design improvements for its trailers this year, including several standard components.

Standard substructure components include the slider ladder, super-sill cross members, landing gear structure, upper coupler, floor kit, rear frame, a new RIG design, rear doors, front wall, front corner panels, and sidewall components.

The sidewall sheets now extend up behind the top rail to more effectively shed water. And roof bows are secured in place with a channel and T-bolt system that eliminates traditional holes through the top rail to protect against water. A bow can be pushed straight up and in place rather than up and over a flange, ensuring that caulk is not smeared.

The roof bows themselves can be installed from inside the trailer, eliminating the need for exterior scaffolding.

The front wall assemblies include 0.125-inch corner posts that can be installed on either corner, and keeps a squared space inside. The profile is designed to fit over the top rail.

Down near the trailer floor, rivets have been moved 3.5 inches higher, away from areas that can be scuffed by forklifts, while the 12-inch aluminum side rail and scuff protector sits above it.

“If you got a skid plate and you got rivets there, you’re potentially grinding,” said Gary Fenton, vice president – engineering.

There’s more to come.

The company has offered a peek at a coming refrigerated trailer with bonded side posts, composite rear door, a six-inch scuff with 12-inch liner scuff, platen foamed sides and roof, aluminum cross members, and triple wiper seal.

“We bond every other post, so there’s no punching in the skins other than at the splice points,” he said.

It has already completed 3,000 miles on International’s punishing test track. Orders will be taken in the fourth quarter for production in early 2018.


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