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Survey: Three Quarters of Small Fleets Now ELD-Compliant

Posted: December 7, 2017 by Heavy Duty Trucking, Today's Trucking partner

With less than two weeks left until the electronic logging device rule kicks in, CarrierLists has published its latest survey of small fleets, finding that compliance has increased to 75%.

For the past few weeks, ELD compliance rates held steady around 70% but with the deadline looming on Dec. 18, 75% of the 361 fleets CarrierLists talked to reported being compliant. Each of the small fleets surveyed are running between 5 and 100 trucks.

The majority of small fleets seem to have procrastinated in complying with the ELD mandate and various groups have challenged the rule in recent weeks, hoping to delay compliance to a later date or remove it altogether.

A survey from Nov. 3 by CarrierLists, showed that only 40% of fleets running between 5 and 100 trucks were compliant or had even started the process of installing ELDs. Compliance rates were as low as 23% in early October.

Another interesting data point was that compliance in the two states that rank near the top of registered trucking companies, Texas and California, were in the bottom third of states when it comes to fleet ELD compliance.


This article originally appeared in Heavy Duty Trucking

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