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Suspected Fifth Wheel Tampering on Parked Rigs

Posted: December 1, 2015

EDMONTON, AB — In recent weeks the vital importance of conducting thorough inspections, both pre- and in-trip, hit home for commercial drivers, according to the Alberta Motor Transport Association (AMTA).

In three separate incidents at different Alberta locations, drivers returned to their parked trucks to discover the fifth wheel pin had been tampered with. 

Each of the incidents happened under the cover of darkness after the rigs had been parked and left unattended for a period of time while the driver stepped away for a break. 

Fortunately, each of the drivers had faithfully followed regulation as well as company policy and conducted a detailed inspection prior to climbing behind the wheel and getting underway, otherwise the truck and trailer could have separated while they were on the roadway.

AMTA is encouraging all commercial drivers to be extra vigilant when returning to vehicles that have been parked unattended. Also, to immediately report to RCMP any suspicious activity. 

Drivers who discover that their rig has been tampered with are advised to not move the unit and to contact the RCMP immediately.


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