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System senses distractions

Posted: October 30, 2017

SmartDrive’s new SmartSense is a new line of sensors designed to identify dangerous driving risks.

SmartSense  combines purpose-built sensors with engine data, telematics, accelerometer, and SmartDrive analytics data, creating “smart sensors” that more accurately identify risks, the company says. The sensor algorithms draw on a database of more than 200 million risky driving events.

But rather than relying on vehicle maneuvers like hard barking, swerving or lane departures to capture something like a driver using a cellphone, it interprets head and eye movements. Video recordings are triggered when a sensor detects distraction, inattention, or drowsiness. Infrared sensors even capture distractions when drivers are wearing sunglasses.

Fleets aren’t the only ones to receive the warnings. In-cab alerts are also generated.

SmartSense for Distracted Driving – the first offering in the suite – pairs the vision-based algorithms with a video analytics platform to tackle distracted and inattentive driving. Fleets using the program and its extended recording capability can see what distracted the driver and the outcomes, offering information for feedback and coaching.



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