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T-680 gets 12-speed automated

Posted: December 19, 2017

Kenworth will now be equipping T680 linehaul and regional-haul tractors with 12-speed Paccar automated transmissions and right-hand column-mounted shifters.

That announcement completed the T680’s transition to Paccar’s proprietary standard powertrain including an MX-13 engine, transmission, and tandem rear axle, the company says.

About 70% of Kenworth linehaul customers purchased automated transmissions in 2017, up from about 30% as recently as 2013.

The Paccar automated transmission can handle Gross Vehicle Weights of up to 110,000 pounds, and is said to be about 105 pounds lighter than comparable transmissions. It also has a 120,000-kilometer oil change interval.

Other features include a maintenance-free clutch, and an electrical system that’s routed internally to minimize exposure to the elements. A fluid pressure detection system protects the gears from low fluid conditions.


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