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‘Safety is not a department, it’s a way of life’

March 27, 2018 by elizabeth

KISSIMMEE, Fla. — A good record on safety is no accident. It takes a combination of commitment, planning, and action. That was a central theme during a Truckload Carriers Association presentation


OPP: number of at-fault CMV drivers is “disturbing”

January 24, 2018 by elizabeth

TORONTO, ON – Commercial motor vehicle drivers are considered at-fault in about 65% of the collisions they are involved in, according to the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP).

In a broadcast from his Periscope Tuesday night, OPP Sgt. Kerry Schmidt from the Highway Safety Division (HSD) wanted to “talk heavy trucks” while promoting the second season of his Discovery channel show Heavy Rescue: 401.


Proposed U.S. law aims to prevent underride crashes

January 3, 2018 by elizabeth

WASHINGTON, D.C. – A Senate bill sponsored from members on both sides of the aisle is calling for mandatory impact guards on the side and front of trucks, as well as upgraded rear-guards in the United States.
NBC News is reporting the Stop Underrides Act, introduced by Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, Sen. Marco Rubio, and Rep. Steve Cohen, would prevent passenger vehicles from being crushed underneath heavy-duty commercial vehicles in a collision.


OTA releases five-point safety action plan

November 17, 2017 by elizabeth

TORONTO, ON – The Ontario Trucking Association (OTA) released a five-point action plan for improving truck safety this morning.
The plan aims to work with law enforcement officials to assure the public that safety on the roads is the top priority of fleets owners, drivers, and other members of the industry, after a recent string of crashes involving commercial motor vehicles on Ontario highways had Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Commissioner Vince Hawkes calling trucks “missiles.”


Truckers committed to road safety: OTA

October 27, 2017 by elizabeth

TORONTO, ON – The Ontario Trucking Association (OTA) is reassuring the public of their commitment to road safety.
In a statement released today the OTA says despite the recent media coverage about fatal crashes involving commercial vehicles, trucks are the safest vehicles on the road.
The statement comes as a fatal collision involving two tractor-trailers shut down eastbound lanes on Ontario Highway 401, and day after the Ontario Provincial Police charged three more commercial vehicle drivers in 10 deaths on Ontario’s highways this summer.


Big data generating big returns

October 25, 2017 by John Smith

ORLANDO, FL – Data ranging from maintenance costs to video images is increasingly helping fleets to drive down the cost of everything from on-road repairs to collisions. And those who dig a little deeper can realize some of the biggest savings of all.


Investigators digging social media posts

October 19, 2017 by John Smith

MILTON, ON – Social media platforms from Twitter to Facebook are becoming more popular than ever, and they’re also giving investigators new tools to address crimes from insurance fraud to cargo theft and collisions.


October 11 a dangerous day for truckers

October 6, 2017 by John Smith

SEATTLE, WA – Anyone scheduled to be on the road this October 11 might want to take some extra care. That date, along with June 7, tends to be the most dangerous time to be on the road if you’re a truck driver, Zonar Systems reports.


Alberta plow operators clear the way

May 1, 2017 by John Smith

EDMONTON, AB – Alberta’s snow plow operators logged 186,558 hours – the equivalent of more than 21 years – clearing and sanding provincial highways this year, the Alberta Roadbuilders and Heavy Construction Association says.


Safest Year Ever

August 1, 2014 by Martin Smith

Trucks have always been less crash-prone than other vehicles. But why now, more than ever?