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Opinion: 8 trends in Canadian carrier contracts

November 8, 2019 Jaclyne Reive

A decision to agree to shipper-friendly terms will come down to factors such as whether the terms will fit a carrier’s business model, the customer’s importance, and the risk a carrier is willing to assume. But a growing number of shippers are also looking to introduce more terms in their favor.


Opinion: Set up a trust account for brokered loads

May 28, 2019 Alan S. Cofman

Carriers expect to be paid for the freight they move. There’s no surprise there. But the businesses that broker or sub-broker loads might be surprised to learn they can be held liable for ensuring freight-related payments get to carriers that turn the wheels.


Everything is negotiable in ELD era

April 10, 2018 Mike McCarron

For years, I’ve been chuckling under my breath at transportation conferences whenever I hear shippers speak about how important it is to be “good business partners” with their carriers. Experience has shown me that once they walk off the stage, their actions tell another story. The “win-win” rhetoric gives way to “we win, you lose” when it comes time to work on a contract. That’s starting to change.


The Leverage Lottery: The capacity crunch opens opportunities

March 8, 2018 Mike McCarron

Over the decades I’ve seen capacity ebb and flow, but nothing compares to January when millions of truck miles just evaporated into thin air. Sure, the goofy weather and booming economy contributed to the capacity crunch. But ELDs were the main […]


Rights Defined: Shareholder agreements will protect your interests

March 5, 2018 Jaclyne Reive

Are you one of two or more shareholders in a trucking company? Have you thought about your rights if your partner decides to sell shares to someone you don’t want to do business with, or if your partner becomes ill […]


Your bill of lading may not protect you: lawyer

June 5, 2017 by John Smith

KELOWNA, BC – So-called “uniform conditions” limit cargo losses to $2 per pound, but many carriers are exposed to higher losses than that, according to Michael Silva of Whitelaw Twinning Law Corporation.


Trucker, Protect Thyself: Formal contracts and paperwork are an owner-operator’s best defence

October 5, 2016 John G. Smith

There is a certain pride that every owner-operator should enjoy. Mastering skills at the wheel is just the beginning of their professional journey. Our trucking industry’s hybrid of driver and entrepreneur is expected to master trucks and business ledgers alike. Sadly, far too many fail because of a lack of focus on the latter point.