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Roadcheck begins today, has cargo securement focus

June 6, 2017 by John Smith

TORONTO, ON — The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance marks its 30th annual international Roadcheck inspection blitz from June 6-8, averaging about 17 Level 1 inspections across North America every minute – and cargo securement will receive some added attention along the way.

About one in 10 Out of Service violations during the annual blitz are already for improper loading or improper cargo securement. The most common securement-related violations recorded in 2015, the last time cargo securement was a special focus for the blitz, was failure to prevent shifting/loss of load. Other common challenges included failure to secure truck equipment, damaged tiedowns, insufficient tiedowns, and loose tiedowns.


Electronic inspections introduce opportunity: CTA

May 29, 2017 by John Smith

TORONTO, ON – The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) has unveiled the criteria to develop a new Level 8 electronic inspection criteria – and the Canadian Trucking Alliance says this could open the door to tracking all inspections, whether equipment passes or fails.


VIDEO: Inspecting wheel ends and fuel tanks

May 29, 2017 by John Smith

TORONTO, ON – The latest installments of Today’s Trucking’s video series on Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) inspection procedures are now online – covering the inspections of wheel ends and fuel tank areas.


Free video series explains CVSA inspections

April 17, 2017 by John Smith

TORONTO, ON – Today’s Trucking magazine has launched a free online video series that offers new insights into roadside inspections, and already posted the first five installments at


Roadcheck blitz set for June 6-8

March 13, 2017 by sehui

GREENBELT, MD – This year’s Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) annual Roadcheck inspection blitz will be held June 6-8.

The 72-hour event will have inspectors from the U.S., Canada and Mexico conducting an increased number of inspections on commercial vehicles to “conduct compliance, enforcement and educational initiatives.”

While the event and the particular focus of the inspectors hasn’t been formally announced the by the CVSA, the dates have been published on its website. Last year, the inspections narrowed in on tires and level I inspections.


New Milton inspection stations planned

February 20, 2017 by John Smith

TORONTO, ON – The Ontario Ministry of Transportation will need to replace inspection stations on the eastbound and westbound stretches of Highway 401 in Milton, Ontario — and it’s looking to the Ontario Trucking Association for design ideas.


CVSA’s Safe Driver blitz set for Oct. 16-22

October 13, 2016 by Dave Nesseth

WASHINGTON, DC – Oct. 16-22 marks the latest scheduled enforcement blitz for North America’s commercial motor vehicles as part of Operation Safe Driver Week.


CVSA releases results of surprise brake blitz

August 2, 2016 by Dave Nesseth

GREENBELT, MD – The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance says that it put 13.9% of vehicles out of service during an unannounced brake blitz in May 2016, when inspectors targeted 31 jurisdictions in the U.S. and Canada.

The results of the surprise blitz were released by the alliance on Tuesday.

In all, the May 4 brake blitz inspected 6,128 commercial vehicles. CVSA says 12.4% of vehicles inspected were put out of service for brake violations, and 13.9% of vehicles were put out of service for violations other than brakes.


Roadcheck Begins: Don’t be sidelined by your tires

June 7, 2016 by Dave Nesseth

Roadcheck 2016 begins at 12:01 am Eastern time on Tuesday, June 7. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance announced in April that inspectors will be paying close attention to tires. They will be measuring tire tread depth, checking tire pressure, checking to make sure that no items are lodged between dual tires, and examining the overall condition of the tire to make sure that no deep cuts or bulges exist in the sidewalls of the tire.


CVSA picks tire focus for International Roadcheck June 7-9

May 6, 2016 by Dave Nesseth

GREENBELT, MD – The 29th annual International Roadcheck will take place June 7-9 with a special focus on tire safety for 2016, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) announced.

Some 10,000 inspectors will be in full force for 72 hours, inspecting nearly 17 trucks or buses, on average, every minute in Canada, the U.S. and Mexico.

For tire safety, CVSA says there will be special attention paid to measuring tread depth, checking pressure, and making sure no items are lodged between dual tires.

“Inspectors will also examine the overall condition of the tire to ensure no deep cuts or bulges exist in the sidewalls of the tire,” CVSA said in a statement.

On Wednesday in Mississauga, ON, Ministry of Transportation inspection officer Kerri Wirachowsky addressed the Canadian Fleet Maintenance Summit on a panel about wheel-offs.


Ontario kicks off tire safety blitz near Wonderland

April 27, 2016 by Dave Nesseth

VAUGHAN, ON – Ontario’s first multi-agency truck safety blitz of the season got underway Wednesday at Canada’s Wonderland off Hwy. 400, just north of Toronto.

Officials from the Ministry of Transportation, OPP, and York Regional Police kicked off the commercial vehicle safety initiative with zero tolerance for wheel defects.

The first truck inspection of the day for Ontario transportation enforcement officer, Samantha Sarasin, was a Level 1 inspection that took about 30 minutes. The truck appeared to be in fairly sound order, except for a malfunctioning signal light on the trailer, and some dampness around a seal on a rear wheel. Sarasin allowed the driver to pull around to a private area to fix the taillight.

“The next time they get that vehicle into the shop, they can take a look at that dampness,” Sarasin suggested.


Ticket Rates Spike During Operation Safe Driver

January 6, 2016 by sehui

GREENBELT, MD – Commercial vehicle safety enforcement officers in Canada and the U.S. made far less contacts with drivers along with conducting fewer inspections during a week-long blitz late last year compared to 2014, according to newly released figures, but the percentage of citations and warnings handed out increased in three key areas.

That’s according to the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) and just released numbers it published regarding Operation Safe Driver, a seven-day enforcement and awareness campaign conducted on Oct. 18-24, 2015 aimed at truck and bus drivers along with four-wheelers.

Law enforcement officers pulled over 21,012 commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers and passenger vehicle drivers while 19,480 North American standard roadside inspections were conducted by CVSA-certified authorities on commercial drivers and vehicles.


Record Low Out-of-Service Numbers Hit During Roadcheck

September 30, 2015 by sehui

GREENBELT, MD — The annual North American-wide truck inspection blitz held this past summer produced the lowest out-of-service rates on record when it comes to the toughest vehicle and driver inspections. According to numbers released Tuesday by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, which organizes the annual International Roadcheck, there were 69,472 total truck and bus inspections June 2-4.


Heads Up! Brake Safety Week Starts Now

September 6, 2015 by sehui

GREENBELT, MD – As Canada is celebrating National Trucking Week Sept 6-12, one of the biggest industry safety events of the year will also be underway throughout North America with another right around the corner. Law enforcement agencies will conduct brake system inspections on large trucks and buses to identify out-of-adjustment brakes and brake-system violations as part of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) Brake Safety Week.
The event is an annual outreach and enforcement campaign, organized by this group representing local, state, provincial, territorial and federal motor carrier safety officials and trucking industry representatives from Canada, the U.S. and Mexico.


Wabco Joins CVSA as Brake Safety Week Nears

September 1, 2015 by sehui

ROCHESTER HILLS, MI — Wabco Holdings Inc. has joined the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA), the international not-for-profit whose mission is to promote commercial vehicle safety and security by providing leadership on safety issues to law enforcement, industry, and policy makers.