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Camo-route sheds light on driver pay, other compensation

September 1, 2019 by John Smith

MONTREAL, Que. – A typical longhaul truck driver based in Quebec makes $67,000 per year, while local haulers are paid $56,000, research conducted on behalf of the HR specialists at Camo-route says.


It’s time for hourly driver pay

November 7, 2018 Mike McCarron

The trucking industry has trouble finding drivers, and it’s no secret that pay is part of the problem. The fact that truck drivers bring home the same dough as they did 40 years ago, when the cost of living was half of what it is today, certainly has something to do with it. Carriers have increased driver pay lately, but all those empty seats indicate that reform is still needed.


Inc. Stained: Driver Inc. is part of a larger problem — those who manage risks on a driver’s back

October 31, 2018 John G. Smith

Canada’s trucking industry has been stained by yet another tax scheme. For months the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) has been crying foul over a growing number of fleets that set up drivers as “independent” businesses in name only, avoiding source […]


A Truck Driver’s Survival Guide: 5 lessons for life on the road

October 15, 2018 by John Smith

TORONTO, Ont. — Equipment editor Jim Park offers five tips for entry-level truck drivers, all of which he learned from his own career on the road. They don’t cover these in most schools.


‘The working conditions … are not desirable’

March 28, 2018 by John Smith

KISSIMMEE, Fla. — When it comes to labor, trucking has a marketing problem, but it may be more than that.


Hourly Pay’s the Way: If there’s a good side to ELDs, it’s that driver pay systems will change

February 21, 2018 Rolf Lockwood

There are two things converging in this sometimes tumultuous industry of ours: an apparent capacity crunch in many sectors and the difficult onset of electronic logging devices, which is only making the former worse. And will continue to do so, […]


Bison Opens New $25 Million Terminal

October 19, 2015 by sehui

MISSISSAUGA, ON – One of the largest trucking fleets in Canada has opened a more than $25 million expansion of its Mississauga terminal. Bison Transport says the investment in the 19,000 square foot facility will help with expected future growth, including plans to double its fleet size in Ontario within the next two years.


Fleets Wanted for Truck Driver Pay Survey

October 16, 2015 by sehui

JOLIET, IL – A company that focuses on compensation planning and design for the trucking and logistics industry is developing a survey focusing on truck driver pay in Canada and the U.S. and is looking for your participation.



August 1, 2014 by Martin Smith

Aljex Driver Pay Dashboard simplifies and decentralizes the driver pay process