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Medium-duty transmissions are more than commodities

December 17, 2019 by John Smith

TORONTO, Ont. — Look through vehicle spec’ sheets for the lower weight classes on various OEM websites — GMC, Ford, Isuzu, Hino and others – and you find the transmission described simply as, say, a six-speed automatic. That’s just fine with a significant majority of medium-duty truck buyers. They don’t even think about the transmission when choosing a truck.


Loblaw, Westhill testing solar-powered reefer

December 16, 2019 by John Smith

HAMILTON, Ont. — Loblaw is looking skyward in the bid to electrify its private fleet, testing a trailer equipped with a rooftop solar array designed by Westhill Innovation. And if the prototype works as expected, the reefer will never sip so much as a drop of diesel.


Dana, Lonestar electrify terminal tractor

November 4, 2019 by John Smith

Dana and Lonestar Specialty Vehicles have officially unveiled a fully electrified terminal tractor, drawing on the new Spicer Electrified e-Powertrain system. Dana’s e-Powertrain can be adapted by Lonestar SV into a vehicle with a non-powered rolling chassis, or retrofit existing diesel-powered vehicles that are destined to be converted into all-electric trucks.

The Orange EV electric terminal tractor.

Electrical options for regional haulers, yard tractors

November 4, 2019 by John Smith

ATLANTA, Ga. – Regional haul and yard tractors represent two good opportunities for the early adoption of fully-electric Class 8 trucks, according to speakers at the North American Commercial Vehicle Show.


10 early takeaways from the North American Commercial Vehicle Show

October 30, 2019 by John Smith

ATLANTA, Ga. – The North American Commercial Vehicle Show wraps up its second visit to the Georgia World Congress Center on Thursday – and some common themes emerged in product launches and displays. Here are 10 takeaways: Electric test fleets […]


4-speed Eaton transmission for Class 7-8 electric vehicles

October 23, 2019 by John Smith

Eaton’s eMobility business has a new four-speed transmission for Class 7 and 8 commercial vehicles, scheduled to debut in 2022.


Eaton unveils power distribution unit (PDU)

October 22, 2019 by John Smith

Eaton’s eMobility business unit has unveiled a new Flex Power Distribution Unit (PDU) for high-voltage electrified commercial vehicles.

Electric charging station

Electric trucks are coming, says Meritor CTO

September 11, 2019 by John Smith

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – John Bennett, the vice-president and chief technology officer at Meritor, says exact predictions about the growth of electric trucks are not important. “Everybody is at least predicting that it’s higher than today,” he says.

Dana eS6200r e Drive Axle

Dana to drive Canadian hydrogen fuel cell project

August 1, 2019 by John Smith

EDMONTON, Alta. — When the Alberta Zero-Emissions Truck Electrification Collaboration (AZETEC) project begins next year, the two 140,000-pound B-train tractor-trailers to be used in the test will be driven by Dana’s Spicer Electrified e-Propulsion systems with TM4 SUMO HP motor-inverters.

TM4 Sumo electric motors

Hydro-Quebec invests $85 million in Dana TM4

July 31, 2019 by John Smith

MONTREAL, Que. – Hydro-Quebec is investing $85 million into Dana TM4, maintaining a 45% interest in the company that develops electric drivetrains – and creating 30 new jobs in the process.


Opinion: Trucking ahead of four wheelers in the tech race

July 12, 2019 Rolf Lockwood

Trucking is way ahead of the four-wheeler industry in terms of conceiving how we might incorporate electrification and autonomy.


Airless tires, autonomous tech, and future of mobility at Movin’On

June 4, 2019 by John Smith

MONTREAL, Que. – The annual Movin’On Summit is a free-flowing think tank of sorts, sharing ideas about sustainable transportation against a backdrop that looks something like the setting for a post-apocalyptic movie. Maybe the exhibit at a modern art museum.


Germany experimenting with eHighway for electric trucks

June 3, 2019 by John Smith

LEIPZIG, Germany – Early efforts to electrify trucks have largely involved plugging into charging stations or filling fuel cells with hydrogen. But a Siemens-developed initiative in Germany seems to have more in common with a street car, drawing energy from overhead wires.


Understand how Hyliion’s electric drive system performs

May 16, 2019 by John Smith

How does Hyliion’s hybrid electric drive system perform? Equipment editor, Jim Park, took the 6X4HE for a spin around the city of Austin and reports on how the system generates its own electricity and then delivers it to the drive wheels. In the right application, Hyliion says it can deliver up to 15% fuel savings.


Direct-drive electric powertrain for Class 2-6 vehicles

April 25, 2019 by John Smith

Dana’s TM4 Sumo LD direct-drive electric powertrain combines a motor and inverter for Class 2-6 vehicles. The end result offers a modular package for e-axle platforms. And when integrated with a Dana electrified axle, the TM4 Sumo LD can be […]