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Success of truck driver training standards will depend on the details

February 6, 2019 by John Smith

Canada’s transportation and highway safety ministers promise to develop a national training standard for entry-level truck drivers no later than January 2020. Success will depend on the details.


National truck driver training standard is in the works, but will it be mandatory?

January 22, 2019 by John Smith

MONTREAL, Que. – Canada’s federal government is committing to introduce a national truck driver training standard by January 2020, but it will still be up to individual provinces and territories to decide whether that training is mandatory.


Adesh Deol Trucking remains grounded

May 1, 2018 by John Smith

EDMONTON, Alta. – The company that owns the truck involved in a fatal truck-bus crash in Humboldt, Sask., remains grounded by Alberta Transportation as a police investigation continues.

Calgary-based Adesh Deol Trucking has just one other truck, but its safety fitness certificate was suspended following the April 6 collision that killed 16.

“Alberta Transportation’s investigation of the commercial carrier involved in the Humboldt incident is ongoing,” said a ministry spokesman, although an assessment of National Safety Code (NSC) compliance has concluded.


Tech is your co-pilot. What’s changed?

August 1, 2017 by John Smith

SCHAUMBURG, IL – Advanced driver assistance systems like the ones that sound an alarm if you’re tailgating — or even apply vehicle brakes automatically — are proving themselves to be more than a novelty.

Schneider has already equipped 12,000 of its trucks with autonomous emergency braking systems that will act if a crash seems imminent. Related collisions have now dropped by 69% and their severity has plunged 95%, says Thomas DiSalvi, the fleet’s vice president – safety and loss prevention. “This is ready for prime time.”

The underlying technologies have clearly come a long way, according to participants in a roundtable hosted this week by the U.S. National Safety Council.


Ep 3: The Paperwork

June 9, 2017 by John Smith

A driver’s paperwork confirms everything from personal credentials to vehicle registration, pre-trip inspection results and more. Editor John G. Smith and Samantha Sarasin, Ontario Ministry of Transportation enforcement officer and provincial Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) instructor, explore the items that inspectors look for during a roadside inspection.


MTA, Manitoba to work on interim safety rating policy

April 10, 2017 by sehui

WINNIPEG, MB — Manitoba Infrastructure will be working with the Manitoba Trucking Association (MTA) over the next two weeks to establish an interim policy for the province’s Carrier Profile System (CPS) and safety ratings — and address an existing model that has reportedly caused Manitoba fleets to lose business opportunities.


Education period kicks in for new cargo securement rules

August 1, 2014 by Martin Smith

OTTAWA — Two new cargo securement rules kicked in on Jan. 1, but truckers will be given a 12-month educational period before official enforcement begins.