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16/32″ Splice-Less retread

May 2, 2017 by John Smith

Marangoni Tread North America has added the Ringtread RTL SA 16/32-inch to its lineup of XP Extreme Performance Splice-Less retreads.


Recommended tire repair, retread practices online

April 17, 2017 by John Smith

FALLS CHURCH, VA – The Tread Rubber and Tire Repair Materials Manufacturer’s Group has published new Recommended Practices for retreading and repairing tires, with details now published on the Tire Retread and Repair Information Bureau’s (TRIB’s) website.


On/off-road tires from Pirelli

April 7, 2017 by John Smith

Those who drive on/off road now have access to a pair of Pirelli tire models – the TG:85 and FG:85 – available in 11R22.5 and 11R24.5 sizes. The FG:85 is an all-position tire for mixed use vehicles that operate on […]


Balance safety, fuel economy in emissions rules: CTA

March 17, 2017 by John Smith

TORONTO, ON – The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) is asking the federal government to balance safety and the environment in proposed emissions rules which credit the fuel economy gains that can be realized with tires.

“Regulating tire selection is a tricky business,” says Geoff Wood, the group’s vice president – operations. “Tires need to be spec’d for both safety and the environment. No one policy objective should trump the other.”

Environment and Climate Change Canada recently released its plans for Greenhouse Gas limits that will apply to 2018-29 Model Year equipment, effectively mirroring those unveiled by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. A tire market survey planned by Transport Canada should help find a balance between tire traction and fuel efficiency when finalizing the emissions regulations, the alliance adds.


Cooper director applauds Chinese tire ruling

March 1, 2017 by John Smith

NASHVILLE, TN – The director of Cooper Tire’s truck-related business is clearly happy with news that the U.S. Department of Commerce will not issue antidumping and countervailing duty orders on tires imported from China.


Rhombus TireAnalytics for rolling assets

February 27, 2017 by John Smith

Dana’s cloud-based Rhombus TireAnalytics platform has been unveiled to offer added visibility into tire maintenance and management – complete with actual pictures of worn treads.


No anti-dumping penalties for Chinese tires in U.S.

February 23, 2017 by John Smith

WASHINGTON, DC – The United States International Trade Commission has determined a U.S. industry is not “materially injured or threatened with material injury” by imported Chinese truck tires that the U.S. Department of Commerce says are subsidized and sold below market value. As a result, the U.S. Department of Commerce will not issue antidumping and countervailing duty orders on the imported products.


Huayi Tire names Chore to manager role

January 10, 2017 by John Smith

MARKHAM, ON – Huayi Tire Canada, which distributes Double Coin tires, has named Norman Chore the company’s new Over the Road/Earthmover Product Manager.


Bridgestone building SuperTire for SuperTruck II

January 6, 2017 by John Smith

NASHVILLE, TN — Engineers at Bridgestone are working to develop super-low-rolling-resistance tires for the next Cummins/Peterbilt SuperTruck project. The goal is a tire with a 30% reduction in RRC (Rolling Resistance Coefficient), which equates to a 6% improvement in fuel economy and still meets industry expectations for wear and retreadability.


TravelCenters unveils commercial tire network

November 3, 2016 by John Smith

WESTLAKE, OH – TravelCenters of America, which operates TA and Petro Stopping Centers travel centers, has formed the TA Truck Service Commercial Tire Network – creating what it says is the largest independent commercial tire dealer in the U.S.


Is it time for a new tire repair provider? Find out

September 22, 2016 by Dave Nesseth

RALEIGH, ON – Maybe it’s time for a change? Gary Tatum, a senior tire engineer at Goodyear for 35 years, has some tips about evaluating the quality of your tire repair provider.


Roadcheck Begins: Don’t be sidelined by your tires

June 7, 2016 by Dave Nesseth

Roadcheck 2016 begins at 12:01 am Eastern time on Tuesday, June 7. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance announced in April that inspectors will be paying close attention to tires. They will be measuring tire tread depth, checking tire pressure, checking to make sure that no items are lodged between dual tires, and examining the overall condition of the tire to make sure that no deep cuts or bulges exist in the sidewalls of the tire.


CVSA picks tire focus for International Roadcheck June 7-9

May 6, 2016 by Dave Nesseth

GREENBELT, MD – The 29th annual International Roadcheck will take place June 7-9 with a special focus on tire safety for 2016, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) announced.

Some 10,000 inspectors will be in full force for 72 hours, inspecting nearly 17 trucks or buses, on average, every minute in Canada, the U.S. and Mexico.

For tire safety, CVSA says there will be special attention paid to measuring tread depth, checking pressure, and making sure no items are lodged between dual tires.

“Inspectors will also examine the overall condition of the tire to ensure no deep cuts or bulges exist in the sidewalls of the tire,” CVSA said in a statement.

On Wednesday in Mississauga, ON, Ministry of Transportation inspection officer Kerri Wirachowsky addressed the Canadian Fleet Maintenance Summit on a panel about wheel-offs.


Pirelli announces plans for commercial tires

April 1, 2016 by John Smith

LOUISVILLE, KY — Pirelli, a tire maker that many North Americans equate with Formula 1 or Superbike racing circuits, has announced plans to launch commercial tires in North America.

“We’re coming. We’re testing,” says Clif Armstrong, who has been named president of the company’s newly formed TP Commercial Solutions. The products are to be manufactured in Brazil and available for Class 6-8 applications, with selected sizes available for Class 5 vehicles.

One thing that sets this announcement apart from traditional rollouts, however, is the lack of tires. They are not yet available through a tire dealer near you. But 40 North American fleets are involved in testing 1,800 tires in on/off-road and linehaul applications. Armstrong himself spent time in Montreal working on some of the tests.

The final results for steer and drive tires in the on/off-road segment are expected in 60 days, meaning production could begin by September. Tests of the 225 linehaul tires will take eight to 12 months. And Armstrong says there is no rush: “We’re going to do this the right tire at the right time.”

The announcement still deserves to be taken seriously. Pirelli makes 5 million commercial tires per year for markets including Latin America, the Middle East and Africa, using production facilities established in Brazil, China, Egypt and Turkey. Armstrong is familiar with the North American market, having held senior roles with Continental Tire.


Meritor, P.S.I. — 1 Million Made and Counting

November 4, 2015 by sehui

SAN ANTONIO, TX – It’s not often a company hits the one million mark for making anything, but two trucking suppliers have managed to do it, and they did it with a bash on Wednesday. Meritor Inc. and Pressure Systems International (P.S.I.) celebrated a milestone when…