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trailer wheel on fire

How to prevent wheel fires

July 12, 2019 by John Smith

TORONTO, Ont. — Wheel end fires, while uncommon, are not rare. They usually make the papers and the TV news websites, though. They can produce dramatic footage of thick black smoke and flames consuming an entire trailer – and the tractor, if the ­driver can’t get the two units unhooked fast enough.

Wheel damage uncovered after time in a blasting cabinet

Save wheel money through refinishing

June 28, 2019 by John Smith

TORONTO, Ont. — Nasty-looking wheels, all covered with rust and cracked paint, are pretty well an invitation to a roadside DOT inspection. Rusty wheels may not reflect the attention to detail your fleet usually brings to the maintenance game, but they don’t send the right message to the creeper cops. For about half the cost of a new steel wheel, refinishing is a cost-effective alternative to new wheels.

Truck wheels prone to corrosion

Wheel maintenance a game of millimeters

June 28, 2019 by John Smith

TORONTO, Ont. — Wheels do not require much maintenance, but they do suffer their share of problems. From the damage during tire service, to cracking and bending from daily wear and tear — and corrosion — your wheels are under constant attack. Recognizing that wheels won’t last forever is the first step in improving service life.


Get Behind the Wheel: Truck wheel maintenance practices that make a difference

February 13, 2019 by John Smith

MONTREAL, Que. – There are plenty of benefits to well-maintained wheels. They’re safer, to be sure, less likely to escape their bonds and go skipping across a highway. Something as simple as a clean appearance can help to make a lasting impression on customers as well.



August 1, 2014 by Martin Smith

From Alcoa, best practices for inspection and defect detection of wheel systems.