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Paid Take the Thinking out of Predictive Fleet Maintenance

Posted: July 23, 2019

Maintaining your heavy-duty vehicle operations and maintenance schedules can be a tedious task. However, this upkeep is crucial to ensuring your fleet operates at peak performance. Fortunately, there is a way to optimize machine maintenance and still reduce downtime through a device that brings the technology of the future to your fleet.

Senzit is the industry’s first predictive maintenance platform for heavy-duty fleets. The new digital smart filter monitor replaces analog air filter service indicators and gives you access to the condition of your air filter anytime, anywhere via your smartphone. The device couples with a mobile app that allows fleet owners and operators to track the status of the vehicle’s air filter.  It protects your engine and equipment, saves time by reducing frequency of air filter maintenance and extends filter life by maximizing capacity. The precision of this technology enables peak maintenance optimization and reduction of costs both of which work to keep your fleet operating at its top performance.

“We are proud to say that Senzit is used all over the country as fleet operators are realizing its power to transform their maintenance programs,” said Donald Chilton, Director of Product Management at MANN+HUMMEL. “Senzit takes the thinking out of predictive maintenance allowing operators to track the details of their filters in a way never seen before.”


Senzit allows you to optimize maintenance while tracking both the remaining filter life and current engine hours. It helps prevent theft and increases profitability with real-time GPS and operating hours all while reducing the potential for engine failure and avoiding costly repairs with custom alerts. As a fleet operator, Senzit allows you to see, for example, that one particular air filter is 75 percent full or that another one has 20 working hours left. Owners and operators are also able to pinpoint the exact engine hours and location of the entire fleet across every site.

Senzit is the maintenance device of the future that’s available now. It’s easy to operate and helps ensure every fleet vehicle is on the road performing profitably and efficiently.

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