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Posted: August 1, 2014

A new six-page brochure from Dana’s Commercial Vehicle Systems group highlights the features and benefits of the Spicer D170 and D190 series of heavy-duty, single-reduction, tandem drive axles. It emphasizes the design features of the axles by providing side-by-side comparisons with competitive axle designs. Dana says
these features include wider-faced hypoid gearing for greater strength, integrated systems design with 50%
fewer parts than competitive designs for enhanced reliability, and a unitized ring gear bolting system with
20-millimeter bolts for maximum joint retention.

The brochure also describes the heavy-duty axle series’ larger tapered bearing systems; larger wheel differential gearing; and stronger, heat-treated steel differential cases – which result in enhanced performance, strength, durability, and reliability. As well, it covers several patented technologies used in manufacturing Spicer axles.

Spicer D170 series heavy-duty tandem axles, with a ratio coverage of 3.07 to 7.17:1, are available for
applications with gross-axle-weight ratings of 40,000, 46,000 and 50,000 lb. The D190 axles, with ratio
coverage of 3.42 to 7.17:1, are available in ratings up to 60,000 lb.


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