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“Tanks,” Ron Laberge says, “For The Business.”

Posted: September 21, 2015

BURLINGTON, ON — Bite-sized lobster-and-grilled cheese sandwiches, shucked oysters on the half shell, your choice of wine and a live jazz band are not everyday trailer-repair-garage staples, but then again, the folks at Tankmart International don’t want you to think they’re an ordinary repair shop. That’s why Tankmart founder and President Ron Laberge invited customers, friends and even a few competitors to witness the grand opening of Tankmart’s sparkling new 30,000 sq.ft. facility on South Service Road Wednesday of this week.

trucks, tanks, TankmartThe Burlington shop is the Laval, QC.,-based company’s fourth facility in Canada and also the largest. 

In 1983, Ron Laberge left a job working in trailer sales to strike out on his own and with his partner Bob Kavanagh launched Citernes Experts, a two-man trailer-repair shop.

“We’ve grown from two employees to about 110,” Laberge says. 

Laberge says the best way to understand what Tankmart does is to compare it to a car dealership. “We do everything a car dealership does except we do it with tanks.”

Tankmart represents three major Canadian tank builders, Remtec, Tremcar, TankCon FRP,  and one American: J&L Tank, an affiliate of Heil.

Tankmart also has several subsidiaries.

Location Citernes Experts Inc., leases bulk tanks.  Service Remtec Inc.  handles all kinds of trailer repairs. 

In Ontario, Tankmart operates Tankmart International, Kargo Leasing Ltd and Tankmart Parts & Service, delivering to the Ontario market the same goods and services as their parent in Quebec.

“And,” adds Vice President Pierre Dubois, a 22-year veteran of the company, “it’s a great place to work. We have a lot of long-term employees, so we must be doing something right.”

 Plus they know how to throw a good party.



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