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Tarp system offers quick install, easy repairs

Posted: October 15, 2018

Mountain Tarp’s ESR2000, an electric side-to-side lock and roll tarping system, features a heavy-duty electric motor, single-button open and close controls, and a reinforced aluminum front arm with spring assembly.

Available in direct drive or with a chain drive motor assembly, it’s designed for applications like grain hauling, but also has a place when covering such things as coal, coal ash, rocks and construction materials, the company adds.

Options include a flexible base assembly or rear arms for additional stability in regions known for high winds, as well as a remote control.

A simplified design with fewer mechanisms means that even a novice can install the system in less than four hours, the company says. And if repairs are needed, the ESR2000’s arms, springs and component parts are compatible with any type of side-mount spring system. A standard motor slide coupler makes it possible to disengage the motor to manually roll the tarp with a hand crank if anything fails in the field.




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