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Tech, wellness programs tackling job churn: Survey

Posted: April 6, 2017

IRVINE, CA – Transportation companies are increasingly adopting new technologies in the search for a new generation of drivers, the background screeners at HireRight have found. 
Its 2017 Transportation Spotlight report — based on a survey of almost 3,000 human resources, recruiting, securing and management personnel — has found that companies are increasingly using social media as part of their recruiting process. Sixty-three percent of those with more than 500 employees use the tools.
The survey also found that 35% of companies are introducing longer orientation and training periods to reduce job churn.
It isn’t the only way that the turnover is being tackled. While 27% of drivers who left the industry were looking for better benefits, and 21% cited health issues, there was also a 6% increase in the number of wellness programs and weight loss contests provided by the employers, HireRight says.
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